by Wilderness Alive

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    "Happiness," is a concept record about love and loss. The record was written over two days by singer/songwriter Peyton Rodeffer. Soon, a band was formed to bring the record to life. Sean Jensen, Dagan Crews, and finally Andy Pillott came together to write the album based around Rodeffers folk songs. What came out of it was an indie, emo-rock record that deals with the ideas of divorce. Producer and engineer Tim Craven saw Wilderness Alive preform in Nashville, TN and took on the project. The record was tracked in Nashville, TN by Tim Craven and additional recording by Evan Brown.

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released May 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Wilderness Alive Nashville, Tennessee

Wilderness Alive is a sad DAD rock band from Nashville, TN. They like playing shows and drinking beer. Sometimes they throw darts and hangout. Usually the are hard at work at their coffee shops and bars, playing and writing music.

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Track Name: Ladder Pt 1
We packed the car with all of our shit
Then we crossed the state lines to where we now live
I watched the gleam of your eyes starting to spit them sparks
We left in our wake a trail of burning cars
I could build you this chair I could build you this house
And in return, you could cook and fill my mouth
But what if the dog dies
Would you stab at the sun
Would you curse your blood
My wife let it run
I saw your demons
Lord I stared in their eyes
They seemed well received at first
But the devil always lies
I won't believe in the devil
He won't believe in me
Till all the things my hands build won't mean a thing
Unless you can bare my ring
Track Name: Ladder Pt 2
Return the dress
Tell the guest not come
Take my suit back to the mall
Tell the caterer her job is done
What will I tell myself
When I died it was your offering
Now the things my hands once built won't mean anything
Romance is wasted on the living
Theres more hope in my suffering
I was always better in your prison then free
What will I tell myself
Because it died when you took off your ring
My wife I died when you took off your ring
Oh Christ I died when you gave up on me
My wife I died when you took off your ring
Track Name: Ladder Pt 3
It's quiet not, I guess everyones gone home
The liquor hadn't touched my tongue in months
Then I started thinking about hell, and I cant get out
I saw my dog, peddling by the lakeside
The most beautiful girl crossed her legs on the beach
Sean, he asked me who's your God now
I started to drown
If I could clinch my hands to a fist like I might lose them
Remembering all the things I would miss
Like I could really ever choose to forget you
Then maybe I'll smile sometimes
When some beautiful girl we don't know will wear your ring
Your handsome man somewhere will give you his ring
When my loving wife somewhere will wear his ring
When your loving wife somewhere will wear his ring
Track Name: Ladder Pt 4
We set on the couch
The words ran down our checks collecting at our mouths
She said don't be surprised when you hear what I've been up to
I thought oh Christ well who has got into you
Cause you took something from me
It's a car locked up tight to which I won't hold the keys
These days I do better when I'm sober
So I pour it down my throat to stay close to her
Come home
I'll say too much
I wait for your words to appear
When they do I'm out of luck
Because you never leave with what you wanted to say
Its heart thats yours and it's no longer mine
You stole something else from me
It's a ring locked up in a box that I keep on me
Come home
Track Name: Ladder Pt 5
How did you let me inside of you
When you already had him
There is nothing you could do that would hurt me more
Then knowing our last time was pretend
I saw you one evening
You were out with your friends
I wore your favorite tie
In hopes my wife would come home again
But you wouldn't acknowledge me
You were talking with him
The worst part is you won't even love him
Soon enough it will all end
I got real blacked out drunk
Passed out and cried on my floor
While you were at home getting fucked by that boy
He's not a man
But I am
I want to be like my dad
Just only ever wanted to be like my dad
Track Name: Ladder Pt 6
This is goodbye
I will see you sometimes
Don't you ever, don't you kiss my lips again
When you kissed my mouth
It all came pouring out, and everything was dry
Everything and your mouth was dry
So, walking through my door
I couldn't look you over, like I had done before
Though I wanted too
Your neighbor and his friends
They saw you in a way that I never could have
Because I loved you
And I still fucking do
This is goodbye
I will see my wife sometimes
Don't you listen
Baba kiss these lips again
Track Name: Ladder Pt 7
I went over to your house
Kissed your ears and your mouth
His stuff laid across the floor
It came back like it had before
We went out to your porch
Where he offered me a beer before
Before I knew before he knew I knew
Before I knew I could never trust you
Oh how I love you
I'd still marry you
There is nothing my wife could do
I will always forgive you
We went to your bed of sin
I twisted and I turned within
Said is this something you can do
Thought if I don't wife I will never leave you
Oh how I love you
I still love you
Though I will never marry you
I will always want to
Track Name: Ladder Pt 8
When a girl looks you in the eyes
It is best to just lie
Tell her she is lovely
You can tell her she is smart
Even if their all not
Well I caught some eyes out on the floor
Drunk and stoned like every night since and before
Told you you could hold me but only if you want
I told you you could use me but only if you want
To birth me a little daughter to sit on dads knee
And teach my son to be a man, like I am
She just looked off for real long
Got up, put her cowgirl shoes on
Even as they are all leaving I'm still thinking of you
I wonder where you're sleeping, all the things you might do
I know someday I'll meet a woman and I'll forget all our plans
Where we fled Indiana, we never went home again
And building that home by the trees
Where you could birth me our little daughter, she would sit on my knee
We teach our son to be a man, like I am
But it died when you took off your ring
Wife I died when you took off your ring
Christ I have died since you both left me
I will pray in this life for better things